What fun it is to shop on eBay when there’s a whole galaxy of top 5 electronic gadgets available, many of which seem like they’re from the future. Here are some of the top electronic gadgets people are buying and selling on eBay right now.

List of top 5 Electronic gadgets

1.Virtual Reality Headsets

virtual-reality-gaming-headsetVR headsets are popular among gamers who want to immerse themselves in a gaming environment. In many cases, VR headsets are sold on eBay along with wireless game guns or controllers so that the gamer can be physically mobile instead of being stuck sitting in front of a computer screen.

2.Google Glasses

Google-glassesSuccessful sellers on eBay are getting in on the Google Glasses rage. This popular gadget allows wearers to record video and audio of anything they can see through their glasses. Although this is one controversial electronic gadget, sales on eBay are showing that they are going to be more and more prevalent on streets around the world.

3.Bluetooth Headsets

blootooth headsetBluetooth is wireless technology that operates via radio waves, and makes it possible for drivers to make phone calls in the car without taking their eyes off the road. As more drivers want to make safe phone calls while behind the wheel, they’re driving in droves to eBay’s Bluetooth headsets category.



Since the government started using drones for tactical missions overseas, private citizens have wanted to get their hands on one. Now they can, thanks to the array of drones available on eBay. Drones are fun and affordable toys that can be fitted with cameras and sound equipment to take aerial video and still shots that could otherwise never be seen by a civilian.

5.Home Automation

home automationHome automation technology has been eagerly awaited for many years now, and it’s finally here. Shoppers on eBay have access to home automation gadgets that allow them to close and open curtains and blinds, turn on and off appliances like ovens and air conditioners, and even turn the television off and on, all from remote locations such as work, school or on the way home.

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