Street Triple 675 vs Steet Triple 765S: Street fight begins now

A few years ago Triumph launched the Street Triple 675 in India. Internationally this bike has set a benchmark for itself as the worlds most sporty day to day use naked street bike.

street triple triumph 765This year triumph has launched their new Street Triple S 765 as a replacement to the old street triple 675 and also added loads of electronics. Tough the bike is a lot different  in terms of features , the basic DNA still remains the same .

So lets discuss whats different, what are the changes & what has improved.


Street 675

Street 765 S


Petal shaped & more on the yellow sideBug eyed lights, much brighter than the previous model


675 cc765cc Much more power than the previous de-tuned bike.


Slightly aggressive and feels like you are sitting on the bikeMuch more relaxed seating and you sit inside the bike


Suspension is slightly stiff but much better than most superbikesAmazing ride quality. Rear suspension is one of have best I have seen. Adjustable and the difference it makes is amazing.


ABS, lap timer, trop, ODO etc. (other standard features)ABS, Traction control, Ride by wire Road /Rain mode)

Inbuilt USB charger


Smooth sounding stock exhaust.


Sounds amazing with arrow exhaust system, really loud and good bass

Stock exhaust is much better than the previous bike. Also has loud intake grunt.


Arrow exhaust is pointless. Doe not make much of a difference.


An ideal day to day use superbike with also a much more sporty side. A very well made quality product.A perfect day to day use superbike. The bikes seems more user friendly & comfortable than the previous 675. Electronics and riding modes have added much more safety and riding style options.


Other than the ones mentioned above there are loads of different changes in the individual parts and in the design. However we have focused on those which make the greatest difference in the ride quality. Both the motorcycles are still one of the most practical and easy to use superbikes in the Indian market. The earlier version is a more RAW kind of a bike while the new version is a more well prepared motorcycle. Looks like the guys at Triumph do learn fast.

-Kanhay Athalye

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