Nest camera
Nest camera

The Nest Cam IQ has a 4K video sensor for capturing footage, but it isn’t using that additional resolution to provide you with really high quality footage of your cat wandering around your living room while you’re at work. Instead, it generally grabs 1080p footage, and it’s intelligently using its 4K capabilities when it needs them most – when it detects something unusual is happening, like a stranger entering your home for instance.

Nest has a brand new security camera in their line-up, taking its place alongside the Nest Cam and Nest Cam Outdoor. The new member of the family is the Nest Cam IQ, a camera that takes its design cues from the Nest Cam Outdoor, but is made for indoor use and has new, smarter built-in capabilities that benefit from its high-resolution 4K video sensor to pay better attention to those situations where you need it most.

Nest Cam IQ can identify the person present in your visual range and then trigger automatic alerts that include a customized zoomed zoomed in photo. Also, when you are checking in the app to get a direct view of Nest Cam IQ, with a new feature called “Superslite”, you have to add any people in the frame to the picture-in-photo of the close-in-in-photo-up, camera can capture the entire viewing area In addition to the appearance of 130-degree wide angle.

I showed this during the longest time of the Nest team’s team, and did this unbelievably ; Once the cam IQ is difficult to identify, the person who is first identified, once automatically understood that it was a person and became narrow on the face for close-up tracking, it was easy to identify the details. Even if they are behind the person, they keep frames and focus on the entire capture, it is obviously very helpful if you unfortunately have to use the footage to report the crime to the authorities unfortunately.

Nest Cam is basically running ‘Zoom and Enhanced’ feature outside of Star Trek, but the trick is using the full power of a new 1 / 2.5-inch, 4s sensor, when it recognizes someone, you can zoom in prompt. And in view, you can see details better, such as, on your way, the title of the printed book on hardcore spin and Able to get it.


For Nest Cam IQ, Person Alerts come standard, meaning it’ll send you notifications and a zoomed in pick whenever it picks up a person in its filed of view. Person Alerts are still available for older-gen hardware, albeit without the benefit of added resolution, and only for Nest Aware paying subscribers. Meanwhile, Nest Cam IQ owners get more features with a Nest Aware subscription, including the ability to identify and remember family members and trusted familiar faces vs. unknown individuals, and the ability to intelligently interpret audio cues including talking people or barking dogs. Audio alerts are also being made available to Nest Cam and Nest Cam Outdoor owners via Nest Aware.

Meanwhile Nest Cam IQ gets other hardware upgrades, including improved infrared LED emitters, which are invisible at night (rather than glowing red) because they’re higher quality units. The camera now also has speakers that are seven times as powerful as those in the original Nest Cam, and there’s a three microphone array onboard to offer up better background noise prevention and to help cancel out echoes.

It is also important to upgrade hardware design, when the external camera is important for LED Beicolor to let you know when IQ is active, and new body design is weighted base and no tool title head which is easy to adjust, but you can keep guessing its direction towards it.

The Nest Director of Product Marketing Maxima Veyron also explained that it is necessary to be in the form of a processing power in the Nest Cam IQ, which is packing on the board for updates to future intelligence, and Nest decides that it should be something that is good with future software features.

The Nest Cam IQ is at the top of the Nest’s security camera lineup, which has given its improved capabilities. It’s now US. Is available for pre-order and will cost more than $ 29, or $ 100 more than Nest Cam and Nest Cam Outdoor. Two packs will save you $ 50 and run $ 498. The Nest Cam IPO will soon launch a pre-order in some other markets and it is likely to start in late June.