Another historic moment, with the Indian scientists, an international research team on Thursday announced that the third wave of gravitational waves – the response to the space and time fabric that Albert Einstein had predicted a hundred years ago.

This year, on January 4th, a new window of astronomy was opened by the Lever Interferonometer Gravitational Observatory (LIGO) in the United States.

The wave of gravitation goes from Earth and can be “heard” by a highly sensitive LIGO detector.

As found in the first two places, the waves were formed after the merger of the two black holes to form a large black hole.

Vicky Kalogera, senior astrologer at the University of Northwestern University with LEGO Scientific Support (LSC) said that “our intervention has so far revealed the black population for some time.

A new discovery, named GW170104, happened during the ongoing second phase of the advanced Ligo detectors, which started from November 30 last year.

The first direct observation of gravitational waves was observed in September 2015 when running the first observation.

Another discovery was done in December 2015.

A third paper has been published in a new paper published in the journal Physical Review Letters.

This publication organization has 40 writers from 11 Indian institutions.

Dr. Under the leadership of Chandrakant Mishra, IIT Madras recently was a participating institution in the LSC.

Chennai Mathematical Institute Dr. K.G. The leadership is contributing in activities under Arun

The group of IIT Madras is involved in modeling gravitational wave sources, such as checking the compatibility of gravitational wave gestures identified by LIGO detector and the findings of the theory of general theory of Einstein’s theory of relativity theory.

Due to the third and latest discovery, adding two double dipping almonds in two periods, it is said that there are two previous two pairs – about three billion light-years away.

At this time, two black holes were uneven in size, merged from one lighter than the other to a black hole, the size of which is in the middle of the other two merged blackhole pair.