You would know that the Government of India has mandated the use of biometric identification when veryfying your Aadhar credentials but not a company name Delta ID Inc. is offering an alternative cost-effective way of reducing the failure rates in Aadhar authentication.
The alternative involves selling iris scan integrates mobiles phones at an affordable price to drive mass market adoption.Delta ID is a provider of Iris scanning solutions for smartphones and tablets,recently,they tied up with Samsung to launch an iris scan enabled tablet in May 2016 and the Galaxy S8 also feature this technology.

Dr Salil Prabhakar,President and Ceo of Delta ID Inc said:
We believe iris integrated smartphones and tablets will address the issues reported with Aadhaar biometric authentication. The UIDAI and the worldwide biometric community have tested and found iris to have better reliability. We are confident the failure rates will be drastically lower once the cheaper iris integrated mobile devices are adopted in the market.

Delta ID’S ActiveIRIS technology passed the Standardisation Testing and Quality Certification’s(STQC) FRR test with better than 99 percent accuracy and has been certified by the SQTC. ActiveIRIS and a combination of STQC-certified hardware components can be integrated into any mobile device to expeditiously introduce iris integrated mobile devices in the market.

It’s essentially a better trap designed to lure even more people toward the Aadhar identification system.There are already people who think India might turn an Orwellian state,even our own Supereme Court has passed decisions stating the use of Aadhar to be voluntary not compulsory.Yet,there is no denying that the Government has made the system mandatory by denying citizens certain services if not signed up for Aadhar.