Kharagpur hospital-patients
Kharagpur hospital-patients




Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur said on Friday that wireless technology has been used to monitor the condition of patients with ambulance patients.

This technology, called ‘Ambusence’ has been established in the Swan laboratory of Computer Science and Engineering Department of the Institute of Technology.

“Ambuscans ECG is capable of wireless monitoring of various physical parameters such as heart rate, temperature and blood pressure. The doctor can be placed in the ambulance to control the patient’s condition before reaching this hospital.” The statement said in a statement.

The system has kept the patient’s data privacy secure while using cloud computing’s analytical and computing capability at the same time.

The web interface of the Ambousen’s system provides easy-to-use graphical interface, including real-time ECG graph rendering with data-visualization tools for doctors and paramedics, and can be used from Internet-enabled laptops, tablets and smartphones.

“There is currently no need for any technology which can help the hospital doctors to check the condition of the patient to take care of the condition of the patient, which will be a boon for referral patients who are brought to the remote areas.” Professor of the department of CSE, Sudeep Mishra, is the chief investigator for the development of this system. Said.

In the present circumstances, in addition to family members, a medical technician is a serious patient in an ambulance.

“But these techniques have given limited education. It is possible that doctors are able to keep an eye on transit, they can tell technicians medical intervention, it can make a lifestyle,” Mishra said.

The embedded system of Embedded includes both hardware and software.

The referenced hospital and referee hospital as well as ambulances will have laptops or tablets with internet connection.

The patient will be hospitalized with wireless body sensors, which will help doctors and doctors of both the refreshers to monitor the health status of the patients in real time.

Patients related to the accident or heart related patients should immediately take this technology to a hospital.

“We have successfully reviewed the advanced technology developed at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Bhubaneswar and BC Roy Technical Hospital (BCRDH), IIT Kharagpur.