Elari Phone

The feature phone is available on Yerha.com and is 94.4 x 35.8 x 7.6 mm in size and weighs 30gms

 “The NanoPhone C can be paired with your smartphone to make or receive calls”

Elari Nano Phone CWe live in an age where big screen smartphones rule the roost. 5.5-inch inch devices are pretty common now and most of us don’t mind having a phone with an even bigger display. But what if you wanted a tiny phone, and we mean really tiny? Well, it’s your lucky day as the Elari NanoPhone C is now available in India via Yerha.com. Compared to this, the tiny Apple iPhone SE will also seem huge. The phone is also touted as the lightest phone in the world and is listed as weighing 30gms.

E-commerce portal Yerha has launched a new feature phone called the Elari NanoPhone C. The company claims it is the world’s smallest GSM phone. Apart from working as an independent feature phone thanks to a micro-SIM card slot, the device can also be paired with your smartphone via Bluetooth to make or receive calls.

As per the brand, the Elari NanoPhone C features a high-quality aluminium casing with silicone keypad. It comes with a 1-inch TFT display, microSD card support up to 32GB, an MP3 player, FM Radio and alarm. The device also features a voice and phone call recorder.

The NanoPhone C can store up to 1,000 contacts. The device also comes with a Magic Voice function, which lets you make calls overlaid with a ‘funny sound’. It features a headphone jack, a micro-USB port, up to four days of standby time and four hours of talk time.

The NanoPhone C has been priced at Rs 3,940, and comes in three hues – rose gold, black and silver. It is being offered exclusively on Yerha.com.