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Dragon Skin

Antarctica’s ‘Dragon Skin’ Ice Is Incredible

It has been said as the Dragon skin ice sound like something you have encountered beyond that walls of the Game of Thrones . But the good news is that you can...
Marrow Transplants

This Synthetic Bone Implant Could Replace Painful Marrow Transplants

The bone marrow are no longer the last resorts they one were.Every year the thousands of bone marrow transplants are performed also the common treatment for aliment from bone marrow diseases...
burrowing mammals

Jurassic arboreal, burrowing mammals unearthed

It may not been the most opportune time to be furry little most critter ,what will be those with all those hungry dinosaurs and flying reptiles which are hanging around . But...
Do You Still Watch TV Shows

Do You Still Watch TV Shows When They Air?

This morning we woke up with a post Saturday Morning cartoon America . That got plenty of us talking about the former TV watching routine and that me wonder . In the...
Facebook’s prototype

Facebook’s prototype translation technique is ‘fastest’

Social Networking site has Officially has announced a new called machine learning translation method, which claim it to be nine times faster than  other competitors. Facebook for automatic translating the status updates...
High-stress jobs

High-stress jobs shorten your life span

Due to demands of the contemporary work environment , their will be the pressure at workplace  and which is hardly avoidable . But when the pressure become more and more it leads...

ISRO to send remote-controlled telescope on Moon

The space research have been exploring Moon for more detail for understanding the Earth's natural Satellite  . Indian Space Research Organization is planing very long ago for the setup a telescope from...
Slo-Mo Footage

Incredible Slo-Mo Footage of the Tiny Lightning

The atoms in the crystalline sugar molecules lose electrons which end up closing with the Nitrogen in the air.As the nitrogen absorbs energy from those electrons that is generally end up...
Lizard Squad Claims

Lizard Squad Claims

In one night the news  circulated about the Facebook and the Instagram going in dark. The reports suggested that at very least were affected by the alleged attack ,the Facebook,Instagram,AIM and Hipchat...
Now help plant trees as you browse with Vivaldi

Now help plant trees as you browse with Vivaldi

Vivaldi's latest release, version 1.9 adds support for the long requested shuffle extensions and a custom directory for screenshots but the biggest feature of the update is Ecosia search "Vivaldi lets you...
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